Welcome to a view behind the scenes, of what goes into producing our uniquely designed pieces at 1 Idea 2 Another.

The inspiration for this season was lace, bows and pleats, which you will see throughout the collection.

From the first moment of inspiration, we commit to deliver nothing less than excellence. All our designs come from not only studying the fashion trends of the season, but studying children’s movement. Little ones move very differently from their adult counterparts.

Everything is meticulously measured. The waistbands are  adjustable, to accommodate a smaller waistline, as comfort always comes first.



Meticulously Selected

Every piece of fabric is meticulously selected with a focus on quality.

Sourced from local suppliers, and produced locally, we support various parts of industry in and around Cape Town.

Tested to the Extreme

I decided to see what fabric does when a burn test is done. A burn test on fabric demonstrates the level of cotton and a synthetic within the fabric composition. So for example 100% cotton burns like paper…and will therefore burn away from the skin. Synthetics melt similar to a plastic and will therefore burn into the skin (when exposed to fire). I wanted to determine at what percentage a fabric started melting when a cotton and synthetic has been mixed. So 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex still burns like paper. Synthetics have their place and often make fabrics a little more comfortable by adding stretch. Therefore, when selecting fabrics I tend to lean towards a very high cotton content and a very low synthetic content.


Wash, Dry, Measure

There is nothing worse than getting the horrible surprise of an item shrinking to half the size after placing the item in the washing machine. I have personally tested the fabrics on various washing cycles and temperatures to test the shrinkage on the fabrics. A natural fibre will always shrink when washed and even more so when dried… So to prevent the above mentioned from happening to you, all fabrics have been pre-washed and placed in a condensation based ventless dryer before an item is produced. That way… we take care of when the shrinking happens…

Please take note of the wash care labels in all of our products, as this will prolong the life of the garment.